Restaurant and seminars

A fine meal in our Ristorante rounds off the day and our chefs will be delighted to spoil you with succulent Mediterranean dishes. 
 Local Ticino produce is favoured: dairy products and meat from Val di Campo, fish out of Lago Maggiore with vegetables supplied from the Magadino Plain. Wines fitting the splendid meals are ready in the wine-cellar, and staff are pleased to guide you where necessary.
Local Locarnese families regularly celebrate weddings, christenings or Mother's day in the Ristorante Fontana or in our Sala delle Palme. 
Happy family sounds of conversation and laughter create an atmosphere of unison.
Plenty to discover also in the bar, restaurant or Sala delle Palme. 

The bar is named Sartoria meaning dressmaker's shop and is decorated with tailoring utensils creating a cosy environment. 
You can easily enjoy the good company until the small hours, the breakfast buffet the next morning is available until noon.

Ticino Experience - Discovering Ticino's gastronomy the ultimate way!

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